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About IST Corporation

We use domestic vegetables almost in their entirety to deliver our products as base ingredients for prepared food in line with our customers’ requirements. To achieve this mission, what is needed most is cooperation from vegetable farmers on the use of fertilizers and chemicals and from food processors who recreate the very taste that satisfies our customers. From a different angle, however, in Japan that imports food stuffs from abroad, an egregious reality exists. Many local vegetables have been wasted just because they do not meet the product standard in shape and size. Even edible parts have been thrown away on the pretext of quality control. Amid this mottainai reality, we IST Corporation has developed a network through which we can ensure the stable supply of processed Japanese vegetable ingredients.

About IST Corporation



Masakazu Seki

Food is the source of life and
closely related with health.

A philosophy has long resonated with me that human bodies and natural surroundings are inseparable. It means that taking in locally grown, seasonal ingredients is the very “source of health.” In actuality, however, in Japan that is highly dependent on food imports, not all indigenous grains and vegetables necessarily make their way from farms to our dining table. Many of them are wasted before we eat or make use of.
A huge amount of farm produce in its season is thrown away for the sake of shipping adjustment, just when it is most nourishing and tasteful. Discarded parts are mostly its skin that is supposed to contain a lot of phytochemicals.
To reduce food loss and waste, we have adopted a system of promptly processing vegetables to be wasted and freezing them with their seasonal delicacies and nutrients preserved. As for the processing methods, we work to meet the needs of final users.
With onion skin and other non-use parts, we first perform the primary processing, select portions to be commercialize, sterilize and reduce them to a fine powder.
Spotlight has begun to be casted anew on dietary fiber and phytochemicals contained in vegetables that are said to better the environment inside human intestines and human health. Since it is a common understanding that the intestinal flora at birth of living creatures is mostly inherited, the best way for its nurture is eating products grown in the local area of their birth. It confirms the authenticity of the philosophy I have quoted in the above – inseparability of human bodies and natural surroundings.
We are one of a few companies based in Japan that handle processed Japanese vegetable ingredients. We request for your continued loyal patronage.


Company Name IST Corporation
Address Ohki Bldg.7F,3-3 Kandakaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan Zip Code 101-0045
TEL +81-3-6206-8315
FAX +81-3-5296-3315
Establishment February 8, 2007
CEO Masakazu Seki
Capital 16 Million Japanese Yen
Main Business Sales & Development of Food ingredients
Sales Routes MC Freeze Drying Foods Co.,Ltd. /
Oisix ra daichi Inc. /
Ohki Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. /
Sanyo Yakuhin HBC Inc. /
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